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Britain foreign policy 1870 1914

British Foreign Policy 1870 - 1914: A Summary The chief(prenominal) aims of British foreign insurance were 1. To chief(prenominal)tain the balance of discoloration in europium and to forestall one country or group of countries neat too powerful. Traditionally France was seen as the main threat in this regard e.g. Napoleon. 2. To entertain its naval favourable position over e very other European country. The British army was small and her power rested on the specialization of her navy that was the largest in the world. It was this ratiocination that led to a grievous breakdown of relations with Germany as she built up her navy to rival the British one. 3. To protect and expand her colonial Empire. France was traditionally her rival. 4. To defend the sea routes to India (Suez epithelial duct and South Africa) and to stay fresh landward encroachment towards the subcontinent by Russia. 5. To prevent Turkey from collapsing and Russia expanding her incline in the Balkans at Turkeys expense. During the 1880s and mid-nineties Britain had pursued a policy of avoiding alliances that involved any sort out of armed forces commitments. This policy was cognise as Splendid closing slay and it was most associated with the figure of Lord Salisbury, prime-minister for most of this period. However the Boer state of war (1899-1902) had opened Britains lack of a reliable ally and turn up she had very few friends. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
This allied to the growing might of Germany, caused Britain to toss out her policy of isolation. In 1902 she formed an alliance with Japan chiefly directed against Russia. In 1904 s he settled her colonial differences with Fra! nce and the Entente Cordiale was formed. part as a firmness of French encouragement she did the comparable with Russia in 1907. This alliance in the midst of the three nations became known as the Triple Entente only as Joll notes relations... If you compulsion to get a full essay, drift it on our website:

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