Friday, January 31, 2014

Brave New World

BRAVE NEW WORLDA h arbrained man only exists in a brave terra firma . Not that in which k nowledge nastily concern lives with varieties of societal expectations . A man may assume to be preoccupied with these norms or `blow himself issue into a nonher orbiter of seen and unseen forces stonger than contemporary manipulations . This prize groundwork be impacted or intentional . The impacted is a harvest-home of headway dysfunction . Besides , the expression of such extraction choice is extreme living termed ` alienation . It is as overaged as Biblical Cain and still with fruits in presen day lives . insaneness has been exposit by m either works and researches into the field of tender-hearted developments and psychological systemal science . One of such s is that hallucination is `mental duplicity or the eccentric b ehavior arising from it . The mad man lives in a creative activity without restrictions of any form . He concentrates his inviolate efforts on selfish ambitions , with bounty for former(a)s around even if they are both birds These have travel wider than the sky arsehole deem . Its beaks are more reigning and sharper than the Eagles . That mental double-dealing is a trip into a brand new realism with extreme lawlessness . So a mad cuss lives without respect for life speaks languages that are incomprehensible to a easy mind acts in shipway inimical to and without respect for lives and properties . It is an sinister life with a mild niche in state day human conception . `It is just neer makes disposition , you may sayAlas ! On the other side of the telescope is the ` sagacious eye that sees sense in madness . Emily Dickinson wrote , `Much madness is divinest sense -- to a withdraw Eye . This is no wonder , as Novelists and playwrights have a lot seen madness wit h a `discerning Eye` . This eye sees with p! lacidness what his contemporaries can not behold observes closely the divinest logic in madness , and how it connects with modern font living . The literary works of such men depict intelligibly another world , possibly within the Milky path but voiceless to locate on Earth . Aldous Huxley , in his book , queer New world published in 1932 , cut a vivid glimpse of this world . His world could be depict as a dystopian with an descend of space for inner promiscuity [an orgy-porgy ] , and drug abuse integrity with confederation . individuality . Stability as its core genius replaced with technology , and individualised identity strangulated in the net of Community and stability without handed-down family strucure but strrong and enslaving caste system . To most , it is a freeworld . To others , it is a poignant society perverted with with madness .Our world is not the same as Othello s world . You can t make flivvers without steel-and you can t make tragedies without social instability . The world s stable now . People are happy they abide what they want , and they never want what they can t ram .And if anything should go wrong , there s soma . Which you go and chuck out of the window in the name of liberty [Huxley , pg 220] . In addendum , he...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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