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Dr Elkind D. (2009) Learning from chat up: in Montessori International April-June 2009 He explores the concepts of repeating &Innovation in play. Play & Work should cheers all(prenominal) other rather then contradict [pic] Creativity involves transforming of humans exactly non all translation argon creative. for ex: In board games & sports we have to follow rules, there is no creativity Work- transforming self-importance into service ex: learning to put on spoon to founder himself (adaptation to the demad of society) [pic] Work and play, when come together they are most trenchant for ex: playing with geometric tray, by placing the pieces together, the problem is solve and work is done by stance the pieces in their suitable place. Montessori M. said Play is the chelas Work Play should be motivated for Childs work Many activities seems to be reiterate with little transformation for play. Exampl e by Montessori M : A girl was playing with objects, the teacher told other children to sing, jar against around her, but she was not disturbed she continued and subsequently that the teacher gently picked the run on which she was sitting, she clutched the objects and placed on her knees and continued with same task. She repeated this exercise for 42 clock and then stopped | contemplate Skills TASK 2:- REFERENCING, QUOTING and BIBLIOGRAPHY | 1. Reference speech communication (from the hypothesis of another author) correctly:- The foundation for the childs development is concentration. eon we cannot bump off the child concentrate, we can create a approbatory environment that is tributary to concentration. (Paraphrased from Montessoris script; The Absorbent Mind, page 202) Answer: Montessor i (1870-1952) believed that the first inbre! d for the childs development is concentration, which can be created by favourable environment....If you want to get a full essay, assign it on our website:

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