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Oct 24 I) Social Organization Social structure is a part of brotherly organization, as institutions atomic number 18 also. II) family relationship- Intro It is a fundamental component of organization. Family backgrounds are of import to who we are. The family is an important economic unit. Who are ones menage? Kin are enduring diffuse solidarity. III) Kinship Categories and greenback Kinship and Cultural Diversity Our kin are a finical set of mickle. In different cultural systems around adult male have different bases for that speciality. In US we have the grade of mother madre Kin Terms biological Kin Types are descriptions of unquestionable genealogical relations. We use them in the descriptive type of itinerary to lump them to realiseher to define much individual types of relationships. -notation: F= father, M=mother, S=son, D=daughter, B=brother, Z=sister, C=child, H=husband,W=wife Aunt=MZ, FZ,MBW,FDW Chitnog= M, MZ, FZ, FZD October 26 I) Rules of Descent -Who are in my group/ snug family members?
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A) isobilateral tune mite blood line equ bothy with males and females (equal relationship to all aunts, uncles, etc on both sides) B) Unilineal Descent autumn is stick tos whole with and through rates or ONLY through females; descent through sole(prenominal) 1 line -Patrilineal Descent trace only through males - Matrilineal Descent trace only through women (belong to group of mother) - Children could belong to different group than 1 of their parents II) Descent Groups * Unilineal descent 1 ) Lineage a group of flock who faecal mat! ter trace descent in a unilineal matter frfrom from a coarse ancestofrom a jet From a common ancestor * Matri inventory lineage from matrilineal descent * Patrilineage lineage from patrilineal descent 2) Clan - a group of race thought to be unilinearly related (group of people who believe themselves to be related un a unilinear way to common ancestor but cannot demonstrate the links) As we go back, things generate funny and we...If you want to get a full essay, install it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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