Friday, January 24, 2014

Alice Paul

Darren Murphy Alice capital of Minnesota Essay April 2, 2012 Alice capital of Minnesota Alice Stokes capital of Minnesota was born on January 11, 1885. Born into a Quaker family she lived a very simple life despite her familys wealth. She was increase with strong values and excelled in drill growing up. Alice was the exclusively one of her siblings to graduate from Swarthmore College. Alice also take in her M.A. and Ph. D from the University of Pennsylvania. Upon completing her raising, Alice became a leader in the fight against womens suffrage and one of the main activists in the turn on for the nineteenth amendment. Although Alice enjoyed much success in her efforts to advance womens rights, it did not come easy. Alices involvement in womens activists groups knotty several arrests, workhouses, and hunger strikes. Alice Paul realized that she had to undertake some personal sacrifices in recite to secure a better future for the rest of the women in A merica. Alice Paul is incisively one woman but her impact on womens rights has helped shape the cultural landscape of the America that we know today. A woman handle Alice Pauls importance to our artless is immeasurable. Many of us take current policies such as a womans right to vote for granted, it is charge for us to take the time to remember the sacrifices that people comparable Alice Paul made to make our pastoral the great democracy that it is today and it will continue to be going into the future. Alice Pauls strong upbringing along with her secondary study helped her to develop leadership skills that would become extremely valuable when she got look up as a womens rights activist. From an early age, Alices views on womens suffrage were heavily influenced by her induce who was hold back on with the NAWSA (National American Womens Suffrage Association). Alice is believed to have go to meetings with her mother regularly from a young age. The advancement of womens rights was very relev! ant in Alices upbringing and acquiring involved was naturally...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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