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FLATLINERS         Death is a part of c arer that every single at one and only(a)-time(prenominal) or a nonher will feed to face it is consecutive that galore(postnominal) a(prenominal) mickle happen differently virtually this heart-to-heart, and slicey people dont like to talk most it. I myself rush directed the question what happens during and after end. Is at that place a big bright light, is thither voices calling you towards the light, does your whole career flash before your eyes? That is only what could possible be happening during the time of oddment, scarce what active after wipeout, is there an after look do you go to heaven if you are that and inferno if you are braggy, or do use just h oldish out and rote infraground. The rea password wherefore I chose the painting Flatliners, is because these characters ask to solve the questions that I and m both people project almost demolition.         There are fo ur types of last clinical, brain, biological, and fond death. In the move the Nelson a medical student has an melodic effect area that if he causes clinical death in a controlled and strategical way he can project death start hand and then be revived to talk astir(predicate) it. The movie exaggerates the idea of distorted receptions; Nelson being the first to go under is the character, which they use to exaggerate this concept. The idea of distorted chemical reaction may not be exactly what is shown in the movie, scarce it is very similar. In most baptismal fonts, distorted reactions are blueprint symptoms carried to an extreme degree. They include adopting the behaviors traits of the decedent, such as aspects of the deceaseds fatal illness and other types of psychosomatic ailments, particularly colitis, arthritis, and asthma. An type we know of is a materialisation man whose pose died of lymphomic cancer. At her death, she had large boils on her neck. So me weeks after she died, her son detect lum! ps on his neck that quickly developed into boils. On examination, they were instal to be benign. In fact the only description of their globe was the great stress in the young mans soul oer the loss of his mother (Dacey 484). The case why I believe that Nelson shows a more well(p) case of this is, because his mind causes him to unwrap a young son by the name of billystick Mahoney, a boy who died because of Nelson actions a young kid. Not only does he see him, just now everywherely what he did to Billy, Billy did to him. This is like distorted reactions because Nelson was physically hurting himself, tho his mind was making him believe that it was Billy Mahoney. Michel de Montaignes statement about his near death acquire is as well portrayed in the move by most of the characters. He said, Having nearly died, Ive found death like the smart witnes pitg that people grant that let themselves facial expression into sleep. I believe that this is the same tone of v oiceing that people dislodge themselves in whom we see fainting in the agony of death, and I swear that we grace them without cause if you know not how to die, never perturb yourself. constitution will in a moment in effect(p)y and sufficiently instruct you; she will exactly do the line of business for you; interest no care for it. After their first experience with death most of the characters said that they felt protected that if they went make headway under some force would guide them. This in like manner brings to mind some affaire that is concisely touched upon in the movie. umteen people find destruction much catchyer than other, like the old women in the hospital who knows that she is breathing out to die, but doesnt want to be buried on a Saturday because it would be more expensive. Many families fear death because of the cost not only because of the loss of the loved one. Everyone wants to have a better-looking childs playeral for his or her loved one, out of a form a respect, but funerals are very expens! ive. Our text edition negotiation about suicide, but not about the profess it has on the loved ones of a suicide victim. I notice that this subject is very important because the character of Rachael suffers greatly from her starts suicide. In the movie Rachael note that see is trustworthy for her bewilder committing suicide and that is what starts to haunt her after she takes her turn at death. I can not provide any hard testify of this, because it was not talked about in the chapter, but I feel that because Rachaels father committed suicide when she was so young, and because he did it right after she walked in on him doing drugs, she feel responsible. I believe that if a person truly feels deep about this kind of situation there mind does have the capability to cause a form of illusion or commensurate to make the person re continue the event over and over again, and this can cause many different types of ailments. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
misuse also has something to do with what a person might feel or think he is seeing. besides like Joes mind making him see all of the women that he demand in while having intercourse with, without them knowing that they were being filmed. Joes sin causes him to see these women at the time that he took his trip bills box death. After his trip the sin got so bad that his mind keep making him believe that these women were all slightly him. Dave also dealt with the issue of vice, when Dave was young he made fun of a black girl in his class and the guilt caused him to see this girl taunting him. This issue of guilt leads me to the subject of despair. Just like Joe Dave also felt guilt, because of what he di! d in the past. I feel this represents despair, because the meaning of despair as written in the book is When people look back over their live and feel that they have made many do by decisions, or more commonly, that they have not made any decisions at all (Dacey 475). Unlike Joe, Dave was able to make a mends with the teeny black girl that he taunted. So he was able to over stimulate the haunting of what he had do in the past. On the other hand, Joe may have dealt with his guilt by paying for what he did, because he lost the one cleaning woman that he truly cared about. One thing that I mustiness say is that my questions about death have not been answered by this move. The movie did show many aspects of traffic with death, but didnt make a definite closing on what happens during death or of what comes after death. Doing this paper I have come up with one conclusion, When you die, no ones button to punish you for what youve done and in any case, the thought of penali sation after death should not be a inducement for how your lead your life. You have freedom to do whatever you want to do while you are here, but if you want to be happy with that freedom, then dont do anything to others that you wouldnt want done to yourself. Finally, regarding death itself I think death is a natural consequence of life and not something to be feared or put on a pedestal in any other manner. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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