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1Running Head : SMOKING (Name (Date (University (Class 2IntroductionFew issues can cause such ground outrage like grass . For decades debate has raged on contain sens in workplaces and in world offices In new-fangled geezerhood many companies and cities build verboten smoking in the befuddle-to doe with of usual wellness and as cost sour measures aimed at helping ease the rising costs of employee health restitution . I fully believe that banning smoking in both the work place and in humankind location is an important step in protecting customary healthThe IssueIn January 2006 the chapiter DC city council voted 11-1 to ban exclusively smoking in Washington DC bars , clubs , and eating places (Weiss , 2006 For years residents in the DC area complained about the effects of take in reconcile personnel casualt y out for entertainment . In response , whatsoever bars , clubs , and restaurants voluntarily outlaw smoking in their establishments . They seizeed this boosted pipeline of non- toiletrs more then the expiry of smoking clientele . smart York City , which enacted a smoking ban in 2003 has shown that sharp smoking from public establishments does not mean that businesses will gather and fail . Many businesses come capitalized on the new quick approach and gained a new group of patronsMany businesses have banned smoking on their property to protect workers health . Businesses pick out smokers have more health problems and result in higher(prenominal) damages fees to be paid by the business . In February 2005 Okemos , supranational mile insurance benefits provider Weyco , Inc . banned smoking of exclusively of its 200 employees and began 3testing them for tobacco use (Peters , 2005 ) Any employee found expend tobacco would be fired immediately . Under diner o law this is perfectly legal and later laws! uits against Weyco have failed . Weyco electric chair Howard Weyers claims the smoking banwill save the company on insurance and health care costs . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
This will offset any going away of employees the company may experienceSecond-Hand SmokeI feel that smoking in public places poses a serious health risk to those assailable . Studies have shown that smoking increases the risks of heart disease and lung cancer . Anyone posing following(a) to a smoker knows what its like . If a lung full of smoke isn t rubicund for a smoker , how can it be for soul sitting next to him or her ? Smoke in a restaurant is dangerous to eve ryone breathing it into their lungs . When you ban smoking everyone is exposed to unclothe air that is not contaminated Smokers have the election of going outside away from non-smokers if they choose to smokeAnyone who chooses to smoke may do so in the privacy of their own family line barely when someone goes into public and smokes it affects many around them . Patrons of restaurants who do not smoke are forced to endure the smoke . They ve chosen not to smoke and put their health at risk , yet the smoke from other patrons will have a lasting affect on their health 4 in the WorkplaceWeyco , Inc . is just...If you want to get a full essay, ready it on our website:

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