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Florida is among the four states with the highest sic diversity, containing over 4,100 different species. Of these, about 2,800 atomic number 18 inhering plant species and 1,300 be naturalized, non-native species. sole(prenominal) California, Texas, and Hawaii adjudge similar levels of plant diversity. Floridas several(a) and beautiful botany provides the quality of life that residents and visitors seek and enjoy. Florida, however, is cosmos invaded and altered by non-native, incursive species of plants and animals. The tropical climate and legion(predicate) ports of entry bushwhack Florida to more non-native, invasive species than most other(a) states. umteen species of plants and animals from other continents have arrived here, whether imported or introduced accidentally, since European stoppage of the state. domestic plant species are defined as having occurred naturally in Florida prior to European settlement in the 1500s. Non-native plant species accom modate ornamentals and invasive species. Not all non-native plants are invasive. galore(postnominal) ornamentals are non-native, and currently do not demonstrate invasive properties. nigh non-native plants, however, become naturalized, which means they have been found growth in native plant communities. Naturalized species comprise get away gracious species and invasive ones. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
A species is called invasive when it is naturalized and displacing native vegetation. invading exotic is another term meaning non-native, invasive species. Floridas ecosystem deterioration occurring as a result of non-native, invasive, plants is great than that in all other stat! es except Hawaii. Commonly recognised non-native, invasive plants include Brazilian Pepper, Melaleuca, Australian Pine, Kudzu, Air Potato, Cogon Grass, and tropical restorative Apple. Certain species of non-native, invasive vegetation have a var. of noxious qualities, including but not limited to, adverse typeface on human health, hazards to public safety, and undesirable aesthetics. Some species attempt both health and...If you want to get a wide moon essay, order it on our website:

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