Monday, October 7, 2013

On The Oregon Trail

br STUDENT NAME HEREDATE HEREAssignment HEREProfessor HERE Through the look of a bison : Life on the Oregon TrailAs a bison , I have lived on the extensive prairie of the American west my perfect life . My ancestors that came before me lived a life of peace and prosperity , roaming in hatchs of hundreds and some clocks even thousands of fellow bison , roaming the wide expanses , rust on beautiful , spacious prairie grass and drinking from streams and rivers enough of crystal clear water . We were relatively safe in our environment except for the occasional hunting expedition of the local Indian tribes save when the warriors came to hunt us for food for their gaudiness every piece of the dead bison was used , nonhing left(p)-hand(a)-hand(a) behind to tease . It was a circle of life that we soundless and appreciated . further , in the mid-1800 s things changed with the westward expansion of the linked States . Suddenly , set down we used to graze on peacefully was fill up with wagon trains traveling west in explore of needy land and a better life only when in the end their dreams would change our land foreverThe first feel my bison herd had with the emigrants was on a hot summer s daylight . It was thence that we first saw in the distance , crosswise the prone expanses of prairie , the line of sporty coered wagons , pulled by teams of animals that reminded me of us in a way . They had four legs and large heads , but soon we pitch out these animals were oxen and they were the cheapest , and strongest , animals for a tour such as this . They were very slowly coming and as I watched , I realize that their pace was very slow along the furrowed , virgin terrain . When they finally reached us the dismay of the encounter was rattling felt . These men , women , and children were dirt y and cold , looking faltering out and tir! ed . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Every at one time in a while a wagon would draw a blank to unload something--a piece of furniture or a oaken crate mostly . They saw the hills in the distance and had cognise that their load was too heavy to make the mountains that lay precede the prairie , so they had to make decisions on what to keep and what had to go . They left these pieces of their past scattered across our prairie , littering it with many different items , from books to chairs from grooming utensils to wooden chests . Suddenly the prairie fields we used to graze were modify with the trash of the people who were passing throughWatching th em it became apparent that many of them were non experienced with the animals they relied on to bring them west . Wagons tipped all over animals were going in different directions from the way the emigrants wanted them to go , which simply angered the men who were driving the wagons . These emigrants were mostly albumin , but there were a few black settlers who were attack their fortune out west as well . about men were...If you want to get a full essay, detach it on our website:

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